Saturday, September 5, 2009

Parking Gone Postal

It's been a while since we had a postal shooting. Was it the working conditions, a bad home, or simply a media/entertainment fixation on gun violence that caused these tragic events of recent American history? We never arrived at a satisfactory answer.

Two weeks ago while pulling into the USPS lot to mail some documents, I stumbled onto an important discovery. Maybe the unhinged USPS shooters were all PO'd about the parking situation at the PO (Post Office). And all the while I thought those big blue metal bins were mailboxes. THEY ARE PARKING SPACES! Ever try parking your Hyundai Sonata or your Chevy Tahoe in (or between) mailboxes? You'd be PO'd too.

Yeah, parking's an issue. Especially when you consider the fact that PO employees aren't allowed to skateboard or inline skate on PO property. And so many of them look like they could really use the exercise. As do so many PO customers. . . Maybe they need to spend a night at Skate Church.

Already 40 years ago when I was an undergrad college student an article in the campus newspaper decreed that college administrators had an impossible task: providing beer and sex for the undergrads, football for the grad students and parking for the faculty and staff. Not humanly possible to juggle all that. Parking--or lack of it--will getcha fired!

And skateboarding and rollerblading hadn't really been invented yet.

So watch where you park. Especially when mailing letters. You might be in a Postal Parking Space. Keep the faith and stay out of harm's way--especially on Postal Property. And when in doubt, DON'T!


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