Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Country

I'm in another country: My birthplace. The State of Nebraska. It's almost harvest time for the soybeans and corn. Things only need to dry a bit more and the combines will be working overtime.
It's another country. Not because they fly a red flag here with a big white "N" but because many folks see the world differently from where I live.
We are all one country here, but residents of 50 states, several territories and thousands of miles between us.
I listen when I'm here and people speak. That's what we should do.
But if I spoke, I wonder if anyone would listen to me, a man born here but now from another country? I'm not sure I could be heard.
Pray for our country, our leaders and one another. Especially for one another. It's not that I think our country is coming apart. I think it's a lot farther apart than any of us realize.
Meanwhile, the crickets sing their early autumn songs along the quiet roads. And the soybean leaves silently fall while breezes rustle those on the corn. And football is in the air.
Pray for the USA.

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