Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jesus Next Door

Mark 9:38-50. Jesus cautions us about the seriousness of offending children, causing them to stumble.

The JESUS sign on the porch caught my eye. It's on a little house right on U.S. Highway 30 in Arlington, Nebraska. I grew up on a farm 3.8 miles from this house.

In high school, I worked a couple of times for Don who lived in an identical house just to the left of the photo. Don had a Ford C750 cabover truck. On Saturday nights, we would drive to the Omaha World Herald newspaper publishing company in downtown Omaha. There we would pick up bundles of Sunday newspapers and drive them to route distributors in SE Nebraska. Towns like Beatrice, Roca and Wymore--almost to the Kansas border. It would be light before we arrived back in Arlington.

Don and his young wife Carolyn had a bunch of little kids. They had married early. They seemed to be an OK, happy family--although a little too open about some things in front of the kids.

Years later, things went very wrong. Don shot Carolyn, then himself. What a burden to lay on your own children.

I was glad to see the Jesus sign on the house next door. I hope Jesus has moved into the house where the sign is. I hope Jesus has moved into the house where Don and Carolyn once lived. I hope Jesus moves into every house. I pray He never leaves. Pray for the kids.


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