Saturday, March 6, 2010

Going Viral

His (I'm assuming the driver is a guy) Jeep was parked at the Bi-Mart store where I bought lawn food with moss killer and canned tuna.

To clarify: the lawn food has moss killer added. But it doesn't have canned tuna. Although in today's world of declining ocean health, the tuna could sure have moss killer in it, too.

I notice the poster or sticker is covered with clear plastic. It probably doesn't stick to plywood very well. And the board is attached to the spare wheel with bungee cords. That way, it can be taken off at night so no one rips it off. And maybe it can be transferred to another vehicle.

No doubt, Sarah Palin has gained a following and will be a force in the public life and politics of America for some time to come. Get disgruntled people together, give 'em a catchy and succint phrase to express their discontent; and you, too, could go viral overnight. Of course, it didn't hurt to have lots of name recognition beforehand.

Thank God we still have that freedom here.

But it takes more than freedom to live here. It takes responsibility, and information and sweat equity to accompany all our words and phrases. When was the last time one of your co-workers or coffee chums actually offered more than complaints but actual workable solutions to problems they were willing to commit their lives to?

I'm currently reading Three Cups of Tea. It would do our country and our world a mountain of good if more of this thinking and action went viral.

Some infections actually save lives.



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