Thursday, March 18, 2010

Culturally Normative Moral Reasoning

I get periodic updates from the Barna Institute about trends in the lives and attitudes of the American faith community.
That's a badly worded statement. We aren't a "faith community" neatly bound into a cohesive body. We are frequently like the same poles of two magnets, like the flyweights in a centrifugal clutch. We frequently repel each other and fly apart.
But we are steadily being shaped and re-shaped by what we do, how we spend our time.
Consider the discussion of our modern media addiction in this piece:
For well over a decade now, I have contended that our electronic culture not only changes how we spend our time. It changes how we are built, how our brains act and wire themselves as we begin to grow and develop into human beings.
Not only does it change us behaviorally. It changes us phycially and electrochemically. And that has implications across the galactic spectrum of intelligent life.
Find the words "culturally normative moral reasoning" in the linked article.
Tell me what you think about that. Put your imagination to work here.

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