Monday, March 29, 2010

Children Need Both Parents

I agree. Having both is a very good thing.

Then, for sure, we should never seen parents of children to fight wars on our behalf. And we for sure should not deploy both Mom and Dad if both are serving in the National Guard.

And if, perchance, the Guard or Reserve member is a single parent, they should never get near deployment, especially not for multiple tours in war zones.

Gee, that might mean we would actually have needed to draft people into our armed services and train them in order to have enough bodies to fill all the holes needed.

I wonder how the Tea Party folks would feel about a military draft again? Would that be considered an encroachment on their liberties by big government?

If continuous military intervention is necessary to keep our empire in existence, what does it say when we will not require universal national service?

Meanwhile, pray for all parents and their kids--especially the parents who wear the uniform because we don't have the courage to ask all our citizens to wear one for even a little while. We don't deserve the dedication of those who serve on our behalf.

Easter blessings! He is risen!


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