Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NAME: Rob Bell NOOMA no. 5

Hello, Ruby Tuesday!

Well, maybe it's only a rhinestone Tuesday. Or a plastic one. But at least it's Tuesday.

That means that tomorrow, 3/11, is Wednesday and time for another stunning Rob Bell short film: NAME. It takes a stack of embossed T-shirts. And a handful of models to take them off before the camera. They're wearing more than one.

So do we. We wear more than one name, more than one label, more than one identity.

So what is our name? Who are we, really? And how much of our pain in life comes from not knowing how to answer that question?

When: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 -- 7:00 PM.
Where: 7220 SE 39th Avenue, Portland, USA.
Film: NAME
Cost: Nado. Just like grace.

NOOMA. Rob Bell's stunning breath of fresh air in Christian thinking. Bring a friend.


Pastor Roger

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