Sunday, March 29, 2009

God took him this morning

Blessings on this Lord's Day!

This morning during the offering a young man sat at the baby grand and sang:

When I'm lost, please come and find me
And when I forget, please remind me...

He was singing to the Christ on the cross as though he were at the foot of it.

God took Jack this morning. Things went pretty quickly. Pancreatic cancer can do that. Life does that.

As much as we fool ourselves into thinking we have all kinds of time--years or decades--all we ever really have is just one day. One day to live, one day in which to live.

A veteran of Vietnam has died today. And a piece of my heart with him.

The family lives on, and so do you. Be at peace in Christ. Who could want more than this day?

Happy landings, Jack! You can finally "dump collective" now. You're home on a safe LZ.


Pastor Roger

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