Friday, February 6, 2009

Rob Bell Rollout--NOOMA in Lent

Hi, PDX!

A little rain to remind us of where we live. That's a good thing.

Where we live... Something VERY exciting is coming to where we live. His name is
Rob Bell, and we'll be rolling him out at our first NOOMA in Lent gathering next Wednesday evening, 7 PM at 7220 SE 39th Ave. (just down the road a piece from Woodstock).

NOOMA? Trade mark for a spirited piece of work. Anglicization of "pneuma", Greek for spirit or breath.

Rob Bell talks out in the real world: in/on a subway train, at an auto repair shop, in an airport gate area, outside a stadium, in a restaurant, walking down a wet street lined with cars held up by paramedics and fire fighters at the scene of a two-car accident. Life happens...

Rob Bell talks the way real people do in their private conversations with God and with friends. No fear. No apologies. Nothing but honesty, for once.

Rob Bell won't answer all your questions. Maybe he'll even give you a pile of new ones. But he will lead you on a journey that will bring freshness and hope and wonder to your spiritual path.

All in 10-13 minutes each week. Then there will be 45 minutes for us to exchange thoughts and reflect over coffee. Or tea.

2/11: "Breathe". What does it mean to have life and breath? Is each breath speaking the name of God? Is the breath of God in us? Does life allow us the time to breathe?

Six weeks, starting 2/11. 7 PM. Done by 8 PM. Fun. Free. Bring friends.

LENT. It's not the yucky in your drier vent. It's a journey...

And, yes, we know Lent doesn't start 'til 2/25; but we want to wind up before Spring Break. So we will on 3/18.


Pastor Roger

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