Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lord Save Us

At Operation Nightwatch Bible study this month, we've been viewing and discussing Dan Merchant's 2008 documentary film "Lord, Save Us From Your Followers--Why is the Gospel of Love Dividing America?" In one segment, Merchant looks at the culture wars and our efforts to assign blame to things like "Hollywood".

At one point, local screenwriter Mike Rich (Finding Forrester and others) comments that people ask him frequently
"Why doesn't Hollywood make more (wholesome) movies like____(fill in blank)_______?"

His frank reply? "Because people don't go to see them, that's why."

Merchant's work is quite timely because one of the prominently featured Christians on screen is now a serious contender for the GOP nomination... And so far, some of his campaign sound bites seem set to ignite a culture war all over again.

I can't tell you how many adults and elders I have met--people in positions of leadership in churches and community institutions--who say they no longer read or subscribe to our state's largest newspaper "because there's never anything good in it."

Secretly, I wonder if their TV and cable viewing patterns would be consistent with that. Those same folks would have missed this story this week by a local secular journalist (also in the documentary film, BTW) who also cares passionately about people:
So, yes, indeed. Lord, please do save us from your followers (ourselves) if we aren't humbled and inspired by these stories only because we have refused to look. Every dollar we spend, every hour we devote, shapes the community and the world we live in, for good or for ill.

As Christians, we are by definition good news people. Sometimes, it's right under our noses just waiting for us to be part of it.

Pastor Roger

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