Saturday, March 19, 2011

Three In A Row...

Here we go again.
By my count, it was March 19, 2003 when President Bush sent U.S. forces into Iraq.
We're still there, of course. We'd been in Afghanistan since October 2001, although we diverted most of the effort in Afghanistan to Iraq.
We're still in Afghanistan.
Of course.
Anybody want to place bets on how this will go?
First, we cheered as Libyans revolted and took control of half the country.
Next, we waited, thinking that Gadhafi (remember when we called him Kaddafy??) was toast.
Then, we watched as his forces began nibbling away at the poorly armed and organized rebels' gains. Cities and towns got taken back, retaken, retaken again.
Now, with practically nothing left as a haven for rebels except Benghazi, we decide to move.
Must have been a few neighbor-against-neighbor episodes in there. Quite a few.
And what comes next?
I got two things to say: 1) Where's the money for this coming from? 2) Whose sons and daughters are going to be there to police up the mess when the Libyan air defenses are crushed, the military dispersed and neighbor-against-neighbor clashes erupt as the Libyan economy further collapses and the blame thing starts to set in?
Another question. If Libya were buying U.S. debt the way China has been, would our response have been different? How? I wonder.
Pray for peace.


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