Sunday, December 12, 2010

Give The Mall!

Well, they've got it all figured out.
Jesus is coming back on May 21, 2011. Guess we don't have to worry about 2012 anymore.
This group has it all figured out. Down to the day. But they wouldn't do the hour, I suppose, cuz that might actually be stepping into God's turf.
Have a gander:
"The Bible teaches that. . .", etc.
So it has to be true. Only people who "interpret" the Scriptures can be wrong. Those who simply read it know the full truth. So they can't be wrong.
Funny, I've never heard that line of reasoning from a native speaker of ancient Hebrew, ancient Aramaic or Koine Greek. Just so you know, the last "native speaker" of Koine Greek died at least a thousand years ago when common Greek had already transformed into something between it and modern Greek.
So if Jesus is a'comin', might as well run up the credit cards to the max. Give the Mall this Christmas. But why stop there? Go whole hog, hog wild. Since we won't even see Memorial Day 2011 according to these folks, might as well have a Holly, Jolly Christmas.
And then some... Foreclosure and garnished paychecks move so slowly you won't even be homeless yet by May 21. Go for it.
Bible teaches. . . Or not.

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