Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Sunday USA

Right across the street from Kentucky Fried Chicken and right between the play area of McDonald's and the drive-thru entrance of Taco Bell is Jody's.

It used to be Jody's Hot Country. After a brawl and police action some years back it became Jody's Bar and Grill. The thing that has remained constant is the women--the nude dancers that spend time on stage and then make house calls doing table dances or "lap dances".

So I understand. I've never been there and will never go. If you wouldn't wish it for your own child, why would you want that career for someone else's child?

Beneath it all is a human being, one of the creatures created in God's image. That is still true even if the client or service being purchased is a magazine, a DVD, an Internet download.

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. An unbelievable amount of money will change hands tomorrow. Some of it will get factored into what we hope for here: economic growth. Jody's has been marketing it for all its worth, advertizing naked cheerleaders all through the NFL playoffs.

With everything like that, we might pause and ask the question from the screenplay of the film Kramer vs. Kramer from two decades ago:

At what cost, and to whom?

Jesus said that knowing the truth would free us. Pilate asked what truth was. Might be worth a ponder even as we worship economic growth. Or at Jody's. Or not.

Besides, I can make tacos cheaper at home.


Pastor Roger

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