Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dogs Only!

Cannon Beach, Oregon, has it figured out. Towns of the Old West once had hitching posts on the street in front of the stores. Portland, Oregon, still has steel rings embedded in the curbs of paved streets all over the older parts of town. Tie the reins of the carriage horse to the rings, and horsie wouldn't wander off while you were visiting the store or the home nearby.

Not many horses on our city streets these days. But all kinds of folks bring their doggies to the beach. Now the stores near the beach are faturing doggie hitching posts as a convenience for shoppers.

In view of all the moral failures and infidelities of politicians, sports stars, pop stars and the family failures in the news and among our friends and acquaintances lately, one wonders whether the hitching post wouldn't be a good idea for a few two-legged creatures--males and females alike. As my high school peers would have said so long ago, "What do you hear from fidelity and faithfulness these days?"

Pray for marriages and families everywhere, especially during these stressful times and time of the year. God help us all to be better people, to set a better example, live a higher standard and to support anyone needing to pick up the pieces and start over.



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