Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Day '09

We drove down to Cannon Beach on the Northern Oregon Coast for Thanksgiving Day. Rainy drive, and light rain on the beach. But not too rainy to walk. We had mid-afternoon turkey and trimmings next to the big warm hearth at Morris' Fireside Restaurant after our walk.

They've had powerful storms on the coast recently. How'd you like to drive up to your rather spendy beach getaway house and see this in your driveway? Yes, that's sand. It's on the roof and in the gutters above the covered entryway. It wasn't all blown there by wind.

Notice how much sand is between the sliding glass doors here. There was sand on the sills of the windows to the left.

The once bare concrete patio looks like just another part of the beach. I can't imagine how much water flooded into the house as the waves were pounding the windows and doors. Inside, the floors, subfloors, carpet and drywall have to be soaked. It will take a major "gut and stuff" rebuild.

How many of us have wished for some kind of beach house all our own with sunset and sunrise views to die for? Can you imagine the consequences around the globe if sea levels rise another six inches? Another two feet? The poor will suffer much more than the wealthy.

There are many things to be thankful for in life. I find more all the time.

Most of all, I'm thankful for these two people of my family. That's especially so considering our (now) long life together. There were times when I could have lost them both, these gifts, these priceless treasures.

We have each other. We shared hours together loving the company of one another. We drove to Cannon Beach and returned home safely in our newer car with 411,000 miles on it. We've all had our colds in the past few days but no flu. We have our health. We have a home with a few leaves to clean up but not a truckload of sand and water damage to face as our Christmas gift to each other. Life is truly good.

May we all walk more lightly on the earth and treasure each step together.

Give thanks each day in peace.


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