Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Living in the Past, Part I

As we contemplate the prospects of sending more troops to Afghanistan, we might confront the question of why as a nation our military is stretched thin and exhausted. The short answer is that we never wanted to own or to know the cost of war: no draft, no war bonds, no tax surcharges so that we'd pay as we went rather than sticking our kids with the bill. No use to change any of that now. We'll just keep sending the same ones back. And, heck, it's a job for those who enlist in a stinky economy. Slam dunk!
All those noble denial mechanisms dissolve against the reality of bait-and-switch facing many of our current war widows.
Check my friend Karen Zacharias' blog: War Widows: Forced to Violate Their Faith. Click on: http://karenzach.com/. Be sure to read the comments. Many are from war widows and children of the fallen, not our favorite pundits and talk show hosts. If you are a citizen, this concerns you.

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