Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vancouver, Canada 6

Hi, again!

We're going to leave Chinatown for a bit and go to where the big bucks are in West Vancouver. Robson Street is Vancouver's Rodeo Drive.
Jean likes being on Robson Street and seeing the number 5 Robson buses running both directions. Robson was her maiden name.

Those stores: Store after store. Trendy stuff. Expensive stuff. Lots of people on the street, day and evening. All trying to make a buck. Gotta get your attention first, though. Or you won't spend a buck or two thousand.

When I asked, she said her name was Trish. I told her mine as I dropped money into her empty cup. She had a very pleasant voice and a warm smile in her eyes. People say you shouldn't put money into people's empty cups, that they'll use it for bad things. Well, we're just passing through and don't have any Sisters of the Road Cafe (Portland, OR) food coupons to give out in Canada. And, hey, somebody who has a bad habit will do whatever it takes to satisfy that habit even if that means robbing, mugging, selling drugs and prostitution. I'd rather give them money and help to prevent those other crimes.

It was a pleasant day, and I had a pleasant conversation with Trish while Jean and Hilary went into the shops to browse (didn't buy anything). Perhaps one out of a thousand pedestrians gave Trish money. But I'll bet even fewer make eye contact or ask her name. For now, being on the street IS her job. But I'd never have known that without talking to her.
So, do bad girls really break hearts? Or do people who don't see each other as human beings break more hearts than all the bad girls combined?
Jesus talked to people that other people shunned. He even touched most of them. And he brought them good news. Since he didn't have any money, he gave them what he had: himself and his love. More to come.
Pastor Roger

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