Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fog in the Mirror

Hi, PDX!

Short showers are my rule. Energy miser, I am. Except when I get one of those monster muscle tension headaches and I need to stand under the old Teledyne Shower Massage until the water runs cold. That's the only time I'm in there long enough to fog up the mirror. There are times that are life or death situations.

A foggy mirror. Stand in front of yours the next time it's really fogged up good. Stand and look at yourself a good while. Do you see anything that appears to be the "you" of your memories? Can you pick out unique features of your facial structure that make you "you"? Or do you simply see a vague outline and blotches of hair color and skin tones? Could you tell the you in the fogged up mirror from any of 5 million or so other people of similar coloration or build?

He was there at worship again tonight. Knows the work of N.C. Wyeth and especially that of son Andrew Wyeth, one of our favorite artists. He mentioned Wyeth's painting "Christina's World". I can see parts of it still in my mind. He knows the place named "Chadd's Ford, PA." He knows bits of John's Gospel that I haven't heard others there quote me.

On the street he has no name to those who walk past. He may as well be the blurred image in a foggy mirror. But as I placed the broken body of Christ, that little piece of bread torn from a small loaf, into his hand I addressed him by name: "_____, the body of Christ for you." You would not believe how his face brightened when he heard his name from a man who had met him only once before. His face brightened like a mirror wiped clean of all its fog.

This winter has been hard on folks, very hard. This morning it is foggy. But the fog is lifting. A smile on one face has the power to wipe some fog from others. God gave us these mirrors to be a reflection of being known by God.

Thanks be to God!

Pastor Roger

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