Thursday, October 25, 2007

Introversion Season

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A very wise teacher of mine observes, "If you don't know where an extrovert is, you're not listening. If you don't know where an introvert is, you're not looking." So I think autumn is that introverted season when we draw into more layers of clothing ourselves and look on in amazement as the earth around us draws into herself also. And there she will restore and renew her energy in preparation for all the new life to come six months hence.


(eternal memories of leaves in autumn)

Now hushed upon the forest floor
memories of sunlight suspended by shade
Torn from the twig where magically made
afloat on the breezes of summer no more.

Deep green life given away by the day
that wood and bark and branches might grow
Now fallen to dampness, to darkness, decay
their remnants upon the roots they bestow

Hopeful that one day, whenever, they'll be
united again by the heart of a tree
Again in the heavens on branches to soar
and finally hushed upon the forest floor.

Such amazing variety in autumn's ritual! There have been times when the color has simply overwhelmed me, left me speechless. Sometimes the color is an entire palette found in a grove of trees, shrubs and grasses. Sometimes it's that same rich variety all jammed together in a single leaf--if we but stop to notice. Ten years ago next month I went to Washington, DC to do some grieving and photography on the National Mall. I spent much of my three days there at the trilogy of the Vietnam Memorial: the Wall and the two bronze sculptures. The grass on the lawn was still a rich, bright green. Tree leaves, many attached but some falling, were every color that leaves can be. They matched the brilliance in every way of the primary colors of the nation's flag and her battle flags. And the flags some of our fellow citizens still carry inside.

In this season of hushed leaves it might be good to look inside to see what could use some attention. And what could be laid down to rest. God grant you good introversion. 'Tis the season.


Pastor Roger

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